Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely [Lord Acton] and Sunlight is the best disinfectant. [Justice Brandeis]

The goal of this site is to document examples of self-enrichment of government leaders at the expense of tax payers. It is hoped that the exposure can both shame those abusing their positions and open the eyes of voters to daily corruption. Shame is a powerful way to change culture and corruption need not be tolerated. It doesn’t have to be the price of democracy.

Your job is to submit examples of corruption, malfeasance, and misappropriation to this site.  It can involve any level of government and involve both elected and non-elected officials.  Please include a short description and a link to the news story.


ps.  The blog banner picture is Mt. Rushmore corrupted with president images from US currency.  Andrew Jackson replaces Teddy Roosevelt, because Teddy never got a bill.  I think they both should be commended for their fighting of corruption during their presidencies.



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