The best power and greed is the kind that endures through generations.  Here is a list of American dynasties.  Families that have turned power into wealth and wealth into power.



John Adams was the second president of the US where he served two terms.  He was the first vice-president of the US under George Washington.  Adams was a true founding father and his greatness propelled him into leadership.  His son was elected as the sixth president.

John Quincy Adams was born in 1767 in Massachusetts.  He went to Harvard then into politics at age 30.  After various ambassador positions and a term as Senator he was chosen Secretary of State, the traditional precursor to president.   In the election of 1828, Adams came in second behind Andrew Jackson in a three-way election.  With no majority winner, the election was thrown to the house.  The house lead by speaker Henry Clay selected Adams.  Adams reciprocated in a “corrupt bargain” and appointed Clay as Secretary of State, putting him in line to be the next president. It was corrupt enough that Adams would not win a second term and Clay was out of the running.  Interestingly, JQA followed his short presidency by serving 8 terms in the House until his death in 1843.


John D. Rockefeller was the son of a snake oil salesman.  He was a good student with a knack for numbers.  He was frugal and ambitious.  He ran several businesses and eventually parlayed his profits into the oil refining business.  He borrowed heavily and bought out his competitors during the post civil-war boom.  Eventually he controlled 90% of refining and was the wealthiest American who ever lived.  He used his immense wealth to support higher education.  He and his wife help found Spelman College, the University of Chicago, Central Philippine University, and Rockefeller University.






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